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Power your path to happiness!

Be Healthy! Be Happy! aims to continuously develop innovative, inter-related healthcare products, which act in synergy to support optimal health and well-being.*

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Backed by Science

Dr. Jim, a practicing doctor, educator, and healthcare academic for over 30 years, directs the Be Healthy! Be Happy! research team. By leading well-designed clinical trials, drilling down on published scientific research and working with leading national laboratories, Be Healthy! Be Happy! has developed an array of inter-related, best in class micronutrient supplements. Through strict attention to scientific evidence and vigilant oversight, our organ system targeted product lines are unequaled.*

Researched and developed by a leading family physician

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How Do I Know Which Supplements to Take?

I recently made the case for taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement daily. I didn’t, however, discuss, “How should I select a micronutrient supplement?”


Should I take multivitamin and mineral supplements?

I explain why taking multivitamin and mineral supplements is important for health and well-being!


Do I need to have my prostate checked with the PSA test?

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recently released new guidelines for prostate cancer screening. I explain the rationale here.