Fetal Monitoring: Normal Fetal Heart Rate

January 30, 2019

Our goal is delivery of a healthy, happy baby! Fetal monitoring helps make it happen.

Normal fetal heart rate is 110 to 160 with variance (called variability in caregiver terms) of 6 to 25 beats per minute from baseline. Turning your attention to the upper portion of this fetal monitoring strip, the baby’s baseline heart rate is about 140, with variance of 120 to 142 (variance range of 22), which is well within the normal 6 to 25 bpm variance range. This fetal heart tracing is normal and definitely what I like to see when caring for laboring mothers.

On the bottom portion of the strip (mom’s uterine contractions), the uterus is contracting about every two to three minutes and with what looks to be pretty normal intensity and strength – everything necessary to move this baby down the birth canal resulting in a healthy, happy baby at delivery.

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The full-length YouTube video on the entire third segment:  Fetal Monitoring: Fetal Heart Rate can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdLX0lM2m-c&t=26s