How Can I Find Love? How Can I Find Intimacy? Love and intimacy 101

March 18, 2018

The Secret to Love is Communication

Right after the 3 essential elements – oxygen, water, and food – the Beatles great hit tune, “All You Need is Love” nailed it. Love is not only what we all want, love is something we all need.

Like the first 3 essential elements, love sustains, nurtures and supports us – think of it as a critical nutrient. Without it, struggle as we might, we falter. We can even die.

Like oxygen, water and food, our bodies cannot synthesize love – so we need to look for it, find it and then consume, relish and maintain it. No small task, I must admit.

Trouble is, where do we look for it, how do we find it – perhaps more importantly, how do we maintain this so hard to define, essential element.

Central in the answers to these questions is human interaction, also known as communication.

Looking for love starts by reaching out. For some, reaching out sometimes comes naturally. For others, its high risk, daunting, even scary – but you’re unlikely to find love with your head in the sand or at home playing a game of solitaire.

Finding love begins by sharing thoughts, emotions and life experiences. It’s through this dialogue that compatibility is discovered and yes, even terrific, mind blowing sex is found. “Oh my God! I think I’m in love!” often follows.

And if we’re lucky, continued, richer, and deeper communication build on what we’ve found. So, we go all in.

Maintaining love? That’s the hard part and where open communication comes in as a brand of human interaction centered on honesty, respect, concern, patience, consideration and empathy for the impact of life experiences as they evolve around you and your partner.

This is Dr. Jim for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Stay tuned for love and intimacy 102 and in the meantime: Power your path to happiness.