How Can I Maintain Love? Love & Intimacy 104

April 15, 2018

The Secret to Love is Respectful Listening and Honest Communication

In Love and Intimacy 101, 102 and 103, I discussed the overarching concepts of love and intimacy and ways to look for and find love. In this segment, I provide insights on how to keep and maintain it. No small task, I previously admitted.

So, you’ve gone all in – you’ve tied the knot whether it’s literal or virtual, and you’re committed to a long-lasting relationship and life together.

It’s easier at first. Then life gets in the way – children, jobs, money, in-laws, unexpected external influences and collateral responsibilities – to name a few. Life together becomes much more complicated than frolicking in bed all day on Sundays, going to a fun movie or spending a night out with friends. Differences of opinions on managing the intrusions arise. And left unattended, they may be internalized as unreasonable demands or unacceptable pressures.

Worse yet, they erode those loving feelings.

To bring them back, open communication as a brand of human interaction centered on honesty, respect, concern, patience, consideration and empathy for the impact of life experiences as they evolve around you and your partner, become critical. So, practice it. Get professional help if you need it. And remember, conflict resolution is centered on active listening, letting go of getting your point across and a spirit of compromise.

This is Dr. Jim for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Stay tuned for more on love and intimacy and in the meantime: Power your path to happiness!