How to Live a Long and Happy Life!

June 12, 2019
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Taking responsibility for your health is the path to a long, healthy and happy life!

According to Men’s Health Network the top causes of death for men in the United States are heart attack, stroke, cancers of the lung, COPD or emphysema, colon cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes.

Here’s the sad part with all of this: each and every one of these diseases except prostate cancer are modifiable, if not preventable! Sure your family history plays a part, but the bottom line taking responsibility for your health is the path to a long and happy life!

The diseases which underlie these causes for death include obesity, heart unhealthy diets, smoking, inactivity and lack of exercise.

Here are my recommendations to live a long, healthy and happy life by avoiding heart attack, stroke lung cancer, COPD, colon cancer and diabetes.

Eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in fruits and veggiesWeigh yourself daily

Maintain a body mass index or BMI between 20 and 25

Exercise for 30 or more minutes most days of the week; include cardio as well as resistance exercises in your exercise regimen

Work with your health professional to control blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes

If you smoke stop; for that matter, avoid all substances inhaled into your lungs except clean, fresh air.

That’s not so hard is it?

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