Just one life. Bring your love out of hiding!

February 15, 2017

Loosen up. Take your love back!

Mesmerized by the attraction, you bonded and out of that, your love grew. “Meant for each other,” you declared. “Best friends and lovers forever,” you giggled.

And it was effortless to do all the things that nurtured your love – holding hands, opening doors, sweet nothings, stargazing, intimate conversation; pizza and other stuff in bed – all day long.

Marriage seemed a logical conclusion. Everyone agreed.

So you tied the knot.

Then life got in the way – jobs, kids, soccer, money, promotions, bills, mortgages, and taxes. Responsibility. Circumstances. Situations. And expectations.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps it’s time to loosen up.

Bring your love out of hiding. Take your love back.

Hold hands, open doors, deliver sweet nothings, gaze at stars, have intimate conversations, grab some pizza, stay in bed – all day long.

This is Dr. Jim wishing you a special Valentine’s Day today and everyday. Be Healthy! Be Happy!