Love and Intimacy 102. How do I Look for Love?

March 31, 2018

Intimate Communication & Looking for Love

In my segment on Love and Intimacy 101, I made the case for communication as the pathway for looking, finding and maintaining love. I said that like oxygen, water and food love is an essential element that we all want and we all need. And like oxygen, water and food, our bodies cannot synthesize love, so we need to look for it, find it and maintain it. No small task I admitted.

In this segment, I talk about looking for love.

Communication is the process of synthesizing what we take in through our special senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. And intimate communication is all about utilizing every one of these senses when looking for love.

Processing what we take in, depends on factors like life experience, what we’ve been taught, the influences that surround us and, reaching deeper, into that special sixth sense I call intuition.

Okay, you’ve got up your courage and you’re ready to reach out and look for love.

Yikes! How I do this?

Whether you’re 15 or 50 there are some important rules to follow.

First, be a good listener. You don’t learn a thing by doing all the talking and this baby step of your journey defines whether or not the person sitting in front is your prince charming. So, listen and go a step further, encourage them to talk about themselves – discover their interests. By doing this, you’ll make them feel important and they’ll see you as a great conversationalist – even someone they want to get to know better. Be genuine. Don’t forget to smile and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget their name!

This is Dr. Jim for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Stay tuned for Love and Intimacy 103 – Finding Love to Power your path to happiness!