Ozempic or Semaglutide for Diabetes

October 24, 2021

Dr. Jim here following up with you today on a recent YouTube in which I discussed the miracle weight loss drug Wegovy or semaglutide. You may also recall that study subjects lost 15 to 20% of their baseline body weight over a 68-week period of time when they followed a prudent diet, exercised regularly, and followed the research protocol.

That is absolutely incredible! An individual who weighs 200 pounds but should weigh 160 pounds would achieve their ideal body weight over a year period of time following a prudent diet, taking the medication, and exercising regularly. Problem is this stuff is ridiculously expensive.

It costs at least $1200 to $1300 a month and will not and probably not be covered by health insurance for weight loss. Yikes!

It works by increasing insulin secretion and delaying gastric or stomach emptying.

Semaglutide is not new. It’s been marketed in the United States over the past three years as Ozempic to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus.

It’s especially effective in individuals who are resistant to usual diabetic treatments and especially effective in individuals with high blood pressure or hypertension or a history for heart problems. So, it has the added benefit for type 2 diabetics to significantly reduce their incidence or rate of heart attack and stroke when taking it to treat their diabetes.

So, my message to type 2 diabetics today is this: eat a prudent diet, exercise regularly and talk with your doctor about Ozempic. It may be right for you; it may improve the care of your diabetes and reduce your incidence or the possibility of heart attack and stroke.

This is Dr. Jim. Power your path to happiness – talk with your doctor, eat a prudent diet, exercise regularly and see if Ozempic or semaglutide is right for you to treat diabetes mellitus.