What is the Best Orange on the Planet?

March 23, 2018

Sumo Oranges! Wow! The Perfect Snack!

I can hardly wait to tell you about this wonderful new fruit that I’ve discovered called the Sumo Orange.

An article I recently read by Florence Fabricant of the New York Times reveals some of the features of this totally awesome new fruit.

First, it’s from the family of mandarin oranges. So, it tastes great!

Second, it gets its name from the distinctive topknot akin to that of a Sumo wrestler.

Third, developed over 30 years in Japan, it heralds the best of a cross between a mandarin orange and a Californian navel orange.

The doggone thing is so easy to peel you never have to wrestle with it and it tastes as good as a delicious mandarin.

Difference there, these things are huge!

The price is nothing to sneeze at either – on the West Coast they go for about $2.50 a pound, but if you like oranges you’ll love the Sumo.

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By the way, Sumo oranges are low in calories, cholesterol and sodium and high in fiber and potassium, which make them just about the perfect snack!


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