Which exercise is best? Which exercises most likely improve my chances for a long life?

December 25, 2016

Swimming, racquet sports, aerobics and cycling reduce all-cause mortality the most!

The esteemed British Journal of Sports Medicine recently released research that establishes the long-tem health benefits of specific exercises. Collaborating researchers from Finland, Austria, Australia and the United Kingdom examined the health outcomes of over 80,000 individuals aged 30 to 98 years utilizing the Health Survey for England and the Scottish Health Survey.

Here’s what they found:

Significant reductions in all-cause mortality were observed for participation in cycling, swimming, racquet sports and aerobics. No significant reductions were found for running and football.

Significant reductions in cardiovascular mortality were observed for swimming, racquet sports and aerobics, but not cycling, running and football.

The authors concluded, “We found robust association between participation in certain types of sport and exercise and mortality, indicating substantial reductions in all-cause and cardiovascular mortality for swimming, racquet sports, and aerobics and in all-cause mortality for cycling.”

So, Be Healthy! Be Happy! Choose your exercise wisely.


Pekka, O., et al, 2016. Associations of specific types of sports and exercise with all-cause and cardiovascular-disease mortality: a cohort study of 80 306 British adults.British Journal of Sports Medicine, November 2016. Online [available at]: http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2016/10/31/bjsports-2016-096822 [Accessed December 23, 2016].