Why Immune Health Pro – Micronutrient Daily Works

June 5, 2020

People have been asking me, “How is it that Be Healthy! Be Happy! Immune Health Pro – Micronutrient Daily works? Why does research show a significant effect on the symptoms of running nose and cough when it comes to the common cold?”

That’s a terrific question. And I’m here today to answer it for you.

In the beginning of development, I started with a clear understanding that there are two major complementary components to our immune system. First there is innate or natural immunity. Innate immunity comprises the immune system tools that were born with – organs like the skin, the thymus gland, the spleen and the bone marrow. Acquired or adaptive immunity on the other hand, doesn’t begin until we travel down the birth canal; it then matures throughout childhood when we’re exposed to infections and continues on through adulthood as we are exposed to subsequent infections or vaccines.

Over time we acquire a robust system that can actually remember prior infections, so if we are infected with the same or similar agent in the future, we’ll be able to respond quickly and effectively to ward off infection and even cancer.

In addition, I began with the knowledge that abundant micronutrients are critical to the performance of both innate and acquired immune function. This meant a deep dive into the science of micronutrients and immunity to discover which are specific and critical for immune system function. Armed with that information, I developed what is now the formula for Immune Health Pro.

Immune Health Pro – Micronutrient Daily comes packed with the vitamins and minerals essential to immune system function. Vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E,  folic acid, zinc, selenium and copper. It’s these micronutrients that are essential for effective innate and acquired immune system function; for high performance innate and acquired immunity – the development and the manufacture of lymphocytes, killer cells, antibodies, monocytes to fight TB, WBCs to fight bacterial infection, the ability to have appropriate amounts of plasma complement proteins, the genetic stuff and the substance to affect and promote RNA and DNA replication at the cellular level to further enhance immune cell function.

Armed with the knowledge that micronutrients compete with each other for absorption in the stomach and the small intestine, I didn’t throw everything in but the kitchen sink into Immune Health Pro – Micronutrient Daily. The only ingredients in this supplement are those essential to immune system function, and therein lies one of the reasons it’s so effective. The number of micronutrients is limited to essential function and there are no other ingredients that compete for absorption, so it can be absorbed effectively, it can go work to improve your immune system function and work toward high-performance immunity.

This is Dr. Jim for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Power your path to happiness. Subscribe to Be Healthy! Be Happy! with Dr. Jim on YouTube. And go onto Amazon and look for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Micronutrient Daily. It works.