Why is COVID-19 Coronavirus Considered Pandemic?

April 24, 2020

It is a novel or “first exposure” virus meaning that the adaptive component of our immune system utterly lacks memory to fight this infection.

Why is COVID-19 coronavirus considered a pandemic.? That’s a great question; here’s one answer. First and foremost, it’s  worldwide – COVID-19 corona virus has spared almost no country. So it’s worldwide.

Second, it is a novel virus or “first exposure” virus meaning that the adaptive component of our immune  system utterly lacks memory to fight this infection. The innate immune system has no memory. The adaptive or acquired immune system has the ability to develop memory and competence against infections, but only when it has been exposed to them. In this instance, as a novel virus, the adaptive system has not been exposed, therefore, it has no memory of COVID-19 and the innate system is quickly overwhelmed and the infection becomes rampant.

The third reason that it’s a pandemic is that it has a high affinity for humans. Humans are quickly and rapidly infected by COVID-19 coronavirus.

Fourth, it is a very virulent virus – meaning it’s strong. Once it gets into the system it overwhelms the innate immune component of our immune system and it quickly spreads and overwhelms the lungs and other organs and unfortunately people die.

 Finally, nutrition is a critical component of high-performance immunity and malnutrition is present worldwide. As a consequence, many people worldwide have insufficient immune systems and are more vulnerable to getting the infection and spreading it.

These pandemic factors play into the whole reason for quarantine. There’s simply no better method to reduce the spread of the virus than social isolation and social distancing. And contrary to what you may hear in the media, there are no medications and there are no vaccines present in the pipeline or to be immediately available over the next few months. It will be at least a year or longer before the FDA approves medications – if they’re developed – and vaccines – if they can be developed – to fight COVID-19 coronavirus.

So it is critical and it’s important to social distance, to wash your hands, to quarantine, to take care of yourself. Eat plenty of nutritious foods, drink lots of fluids, stay isolated and stay healthy and out of harm’s way.

The best way not to get COVID-19 coronavirus is to not be exposed to it!

This is Dr. Jim for Be Healthy! Be Happy! Avoid COVID-19 coronavirus. Stay well and stay healthy and I’ll see you next time on Be Healthy! Be Happy! with Dr. Jim. Power your path to happiness.